It is the mission of the MS Fitness Challenge to provide guidance and support to people with MS worldwide in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of exercise and nutrition in winning the battle against Multiple Sclerosis. MSFC pays for these programs through the donations of its supporters.

Our main focus is on fitness programs, nutritional counsel and ongoing motivation for all those who want to change their lives and successfully reach their health and wellness goals despite MS.

MSFC has developed the MS Fitness & Wellness Specialist trainer certification for fitness professionals with American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), an internationally recognized accredited organization that has certified nearly 100,000 fitness professionals since 1994. The MS Fitness & Wellness Specialist Course provides trainers, coaches & health professionals with the necessary guidelines, exercise protocols, lifestyle recommendations and resources to be successful in helping clients with Multiple Sclerosis achieve a healthier lifestyle! 

This specialized certification prepares trainers to work with people who have Multiple Sclerosis and who are looking to control their disease through exercise and nutrition. It is promoted as well by AFAA, ACE and NASM, three of the largest fitness organizations in the world.  MSFC helps connect these trainers with people with MS nationwide through our association with the Medical Fitness Network (MFN). 

“I'm much stronger now physically, which means my fatigue has been WAY better.  It's encouraged me to move and be active, but I've also learned my limitations.  You know, they're not weaknesses.  They're just limits.  And knowing my own limits has brought more trust into my marriage.  Because I realized how much I CAN do, my self- confidence has just skyrocketed.  My word…I cannot even express thoroughly what this has done to my self-esteem and the feelings I have for myself now.”  Elizabeth G./MSFC Participant  

“I am so fortunate and thankful to be part of the MS Fitness Challenge. It's my sincere hope that this program can grow so that countless other MS sufferers can have the opportunity to improve their lives by being a part of it. We all know the importance and benefit of exercise in our lives but to actually have a specific program designed for MS patients is truly awesome. I'm in a wheelchair but Mark, my trainer, works with me in the gym and I have exercises to do at home. I'm hoping to become stronger and more independent so that I'll be able to do more things for myself and give my husband a break. This program is life-changing and I hope that others suffering from MS can join and have a chance to rise above a disease that strips us of our independence and so much more. It's a way to fight back and not let MS have the final say in how we live our lives.” Connie K./MSFC Participant

“What an experience the MS Challenge was! I learned more than I ever thought and gained a lot of training confidence through it all. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been through. I am very grateful to Mark for asking me to participate in this and I'm so excited for another one in the future. The experience has changed me for the better. I want to thank you guys for everything!” Lydia G./Personal Trainer


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