Rand McClain, D.O.

Rand McClain, D.O.

Dr. McClain earned his medical degree at Western University and completed his internship at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine Residency Program (U.S.C. California Hospital) and has worked with some of the best and original innovators in Sports, Rejuvenative, Regenerative (“Anti-Aging”), Cosmetic and Family Medicine.

Dr. McClain has participated in professional and elite amateur sport as an individual participant and as well as a member of two U.S. teams and continues to participate competitively. His work is published in peer-reviewed and popular journals and he enjoys sharing and participating in the beneficial changes he helps create in people’s lives.

Dr. McClain has dedicated over 35 years of his personal and professional life studying nutrition, exercise, herbs and supplements and is also a Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He currently practices privately in Southern California andas part of the Regenerative Medicine Institute; an organization founded by Dr. Vincent Giampapa dedicated to advancing treatments, procedures and research in the use of all available avenues to slow or reverse physiological and cosmetic effects of aging.

Dr. McClain is also Chief Medical Officer of Live Cell Research; a company dedicated to the discovery and development of products designed to enhance health and quality of life through epigenomic manipulation. Dr. McClain is also a Medical Advisory Board member of American Cryostem, a publicly traded company operating clinical laboratories dedicated to the collection, processing, bio-banking, culturing and differentiation of autologous adipose tissue (fat) and adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs). Dr. McClain is also a Board Member of Z.E.N. Foods; a gourmet food delivery and nutrition service company that provides individually designed meal programs in conjunction with health providers and its own registered dietician. Dr. McClain is also proud to be a member of the National Veteran Foundation’s Advisory Board.

Demi Mazzola

Demi Mazzola

Demi attended high school and college abroad. It was in Athens, Greece where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a triple major in business management, marketing and advertising. She struggled with her weight most of her life, but her athleticism and love for volleyball inspired her to pursue careers in fitness like managing health clubs, leading group fitness classes, teaching fitness to seniors and teens and owning/managing her own fitness studio. She has received many awards for transforming the most number of lives. Numerous articles were written about her fitness studio in various health and fitness magazines like Muscle Media and IDEA: Inspiring the World to Fitness. An unexpected amount of stress and her desire to please everyone, exasperated the effects of a virus plaguing her body. This caused a 65 pound weight gain on her then 40 pound overweight frame. A downward spiral would almost kill Demi's spirit until she made a vow to understand that her body was seeking "healing", not "weight-loss". Demi was also determined to put everything she learned on paper, the "DEMIFIED TransFIRMation Training Systems" was born. This comprehensive program has transformed hundreds of mind, bodies and souls, just like hers. It includes a results-driven, one hour, group personal training class, cardio routines, supplement regimens and nutritional guidelines, as well as a moving meditation known as "Affirmatherapy." Today, Demi is working with her husband, Larry, as managing directors of the OptimalBody Personal Fitness facility owned by MSFC where they combine all the knowledge and experience they have obtained over the years into helping the members become trained, educated and inspired to live a lifestyle of fitness despite their chronic conditions or obstacles. They will no doubt be uniting the forces in fitness to help one achieve their ultimate best at OptimalBody or as part of the MS Fitness Challenge.

Larry Mazzola

Larry Mazzola

Lawrence J. Mazzola was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Larry was introduced to exercise and fitness at an early age by his father, who studied physical fitness and martial arts for many years, including some time as an amateur "natural" bodybuilder. It was a way for Larry to combat his own weight problem and help him become a better young athlete. After winning the battle, the science and art of physical fitness and proper nutrition soon became a cornerstone in his life. After losing his mother, suddenly when he was eleven, he knew somehow that he was destined to help people take control of their health and lives. After studying nutrition in college, his path took a different course as a full time Home Builder. Ironically, many of the techniques learned to construct a home were found to be similar to those used for building better bodies and sound minds. In 1999, Larry was joined by his wife Demi when they opened their first fitness studio in West Hills. Together they helped hundreds of people improve their minds, bodies and lives. They were awarded top success coaches in the nation by E.A.S., who sponsored a worldwide physique transformation contest. The Body-for-Life Challenge, along with its creator, Bill Phillips helped inspire Larry and Demi's commitment to helping others achieve total body wellness and health. Larry began to apply his tremendous knowledge and passion for "Supplementology", (the science of supplements) and became a formulator. After joining forces with The Healthy Belly, he introduced the industry's best multi-vitamin, focusing on prenatal health for expectant women. He is formulating cutting-edge meal replacements, protein powders, healing teas for candida, parasites and lymphatic health, and cellular energy supplements. He has helped numerous clients win their battle with illness through proper supplementation and nutrition. Larry has been ordained as a leading authority for nutrition and supplementation earning a title as a "holistic healer" who is currently studying to become a Naturopath. He believes that when you strengthen your body, through preparation, proper nutrition, awareness and commitment, you strengthen your mind and begin to fill your spirit with positive energies, allowing for a complete "Mind, Body and Spirit TransFIRMation."

Trevor Wicken

Trevor Wicken

Medical Exercise Coach

Trevor Wicken has been a medical fitness practitioner for the past 15 years and is passionate about setting his clients free from pain and restrictions through exercise. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University and a Master's Degree in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania.

Trevor is an NASM certified corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist, and elite personal trainer. He also serves as a level 2 Neurokinetic Therapist, and TRX Sports Medicine Practitioner. He has a broad background in the fitness industry including training and management in medical, private, commercial, and specialty based fitness centers.

Trevor, has an extensive background in the medical fitness industry and has worked on clients ranging from 9 years old to 97 years old. Trevor's deepest passion lies in working with clients with neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke Recovery, Total Brain Injuries, and Alzheimer's Disease. He also enthusiastically works with individuals whose lives are affected by, arthritis, total joint replacements, spinal pain, orthopedic injuries, bariatric surgery, diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, cancer, motor vehicle accidents, and sports medicine return to sport. Trevor has worked with Division I athletes, some of whom have been professionally drafted, Olympic medalists in training, current and retired professional athletes.

Trevor also has a passion for writing, speaking and presenting on topics related to medical fitness, lifestyle management, and personal development. He has presented to medical patient support groups, physician groups, personal training organizations, and government health and wellness organizations. He is the owner RISE Movement Solutions, a medical fitness company dedicated to providing medical exercise programs, lifestyle modification plans, senior fitness, and high quality of living programs.

Trevor's mission is to partner with individuals as they walk through the process of recovering from illness, healing from injury, eliminating the side effects of medical conditions, and creating of healthy lifestyles through the power of movement. He believes every person has the right to live a quality life free from limitations.

"IT IS NOT OK that so many individuals believe they have to accept their medical condition, surrender to chronic pain, and settle for a life without the freedom to choose how to live… there is always a solution in movement. You deserve to be free." -Trevor Wicken

Lisa Dougherty

Lisa Dougherty

Lisa is passionate about helping others and founded the Medical Fitness Network in 2013. It provides a free national fitness & healthcare referral service to those with chronic disease, medical conditions, those with disabilities or who need pre & postnatal care.


The MFN is a free national online resource directory for people to locate fitness and healthcare professionals who provide services and have a background or education in prevention, treatment & rehabilitation for those with chronic disease, medical conditions, those with disabilities and women's health including pre & postnatal.

She has been featured in the Huffington Post for this project and was acknowledged by the White House as a Champion of Change finalist for 2016.

Lisa believes exercise is valuable for everyone. Developing a plan for a regular exercise & wellness can be difficult for those with health challenges. She founded the Medical Fitness Education Foundation in 2017 to help educate both the community on the benefits of exercise and fitness professionals how to safely and effectively support those with health challenges, disabilities or who are interested in prenatal fitness. The Foundation provides professional educational webinars, videos and hosts a Medical Fitness Tour across the U.S. to spread this education.

Lisa also has been the owner of Whole Body Fitness since 1999. Lisa offer one-on-one private training and specializes in medical fitness. Medical fitness professionals help make the transition from medical management and/or physical therapy to a regular physical activity program following a surgery, an injury, a medical diagnosis or exacerbation of a pre-existing condition. They are educated and skilled to work with medical conditions/special needs including those with arthritis, diabetes, neuromuscular disorders, heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis, orthopedic injury, cancer, Alzheimer's, stroke, Parkinson's, MS, and mental disorders.

Lisa has been nominated to "Personal Trainer of the Year" by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine (PFP) in 2015 and 2016.

Lisa is a graduate of the Fitness Instructor Program at University California, Irvine 1999. This program included full university level anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, psychology and many others.

Lisa is both a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise since 1999.


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