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Demi attended high school and college abroad. It was in Athens, Greece where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a triple major in business management, marketing and advertising. She struggled with her weight most of her life, but her athleticism and love for volleyball inspired her to pursue careers in fitness like managing health clubs, leading group fitness classes, teaching fitness to seniors and teens and owning/managing her own fitness studio. She has received many awards for transforming the most number of lives. Numerous articles were written about her fitness studio in various health and fitness magazines like Muscle Media and IDEA: Inspiring the World to Fitness. An unexpected amount of stress and her desire to please everyone, exasperated the effects of a virus plaguing her body. This caused a 65 pound weight gain on her then 40 pound overweight frame. A downward spiral would almost kill Demi’s spirit until she made a vow to understand that her body was seeking “healing”, not “weight-loss”. Demi was also determined to put everything she learned on paper, the “DEMIFIED TransFIRMation Training Systems” was born. This comprehensive program has transformed hundreds of mind, bodies and souls, just like hers. It includes a results-driven, one hour, group personal training class, cardio routines, supplement regimens and nutritional guidelines, as well as a moving meditation known as “Affirmatherapy.” Today, Demi is working with her husband, Larry, as managing directors of the OptimalBody Personal Fitness facility owned by MSFC where they combine all the knowledge and experience they have obtained over the years into helping the members become trained, educated and inspired to live a lifestyle of fitness despite their chronic conditions or obstacles. They will no doubt be uniting the forces in fitness to help one achieve their ultimate best at OptimalBody or as part of the MS Fitness Challenge.

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