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Lawrence J. Mazzola was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Larry was introduced to exercise and fitness at an early age by his father, who studied physical fitness and martial arts for many years, including some time as an amateur “natural” bodybuilder. It was a way for Larry to combat his own weight problem and help him become a better young athlete. After winning the battle, the science and art of physical fitness and proper nutrition soon became a cornerstone in his life. After losing his mother, suddenly when he was eleven, he knew somehow that he was destined to help people take control of their health and lives. After studying nutrition in college, his path took a different course as a full time Home Builder. Ironically, many of the techniques learned to construct a home were found to be similar to those used for building better bodies and sound minds. In 1999, Larry was joined by his wife Demi when they opened their first fitness studio in West Hills. Together they helped hundreds of people improve their minds, bodies and lives. They were awarded top success coaches in the nation by E.A.S., who sponsored a worldwide physique transformation contest. The Body-for-Life Challenge, along with its creator, Bill Phillips helped inspire Larry and Demi’s commitment to helping others achieve total body wellness and health. Larry began to apply his tremendous knowledge and passion for “Supplementology”, (the science of supplements) and became a formulator. After joining forces with The Healthy Belly, he introduced the industry’s best multi-vitamin, focusing on prenatal health for expectant women. He is formulating cutting-edge meal replacements, protein powders, healing teas for candida, parasites and lymphatic health, and cellular energy supplements. He has helped numerous clients win their battle with illness through proper supplementation and nutrition. Larry has been ordained as a leading authority for nutrition and supplementation earning a title as a “holistic healer” who is currently studying to become a Naturopath. He believes that when you strengthen your body, through preparation, proper nutrition, awareness and commitment, you strengthen your mind and begin to fill your spirit with positive energies, allowing for a complete “Mind, Body and Spirit TransFIRMation.”

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