So far I am loving this challenge, the first couple weeks were a self adventure of learning and over coming more than a few fears. I grew up playing sports and living in gyms, MS took a lot of that away from me for more than a few years, including hope. I started this challenge not knowing what my body would allow or how many barriers I had inside my own mind keeping me from truly living.

My trainer JJ is an outstanding person, extremely knowledgeable, great personality, motivates, remains patient yet pushes me, walks me through everything... I couldn't have asked for a better guide in all of this. He's been very accommodating with my having a meniscus tear, labrum tear and spurs on the rotator cuff as well has MS limitations.

Overall I am far stronger both mentally and physically, my balance has improved greatly, I've lost undesirable weight, added muscle, improved body tone, stronger legs, arms and body. Mentally I'm sharper, my fatigue issues are somewhat decreased, nerve pain has subsided a bit, my general mood has improved and I've been able to chase some of the MS ghosts that haunt a person out of my life.

Basically, it's changed my life and I feel as though I've gotten back 15 years of my life that were taken from me. Some MS issues persist though I'm far better now than when I started and have the confidence back that I was lacking and needed to keep fighting MS. I've decided that I will continue and expand upon this foundation and live to show others that MS doesn't have to dictate a persons life entirely, we can take back control and live well with MS.

I'd like to thank MSFC for providing me with such a great opportunity, it's opened up doors to me that I didn't think possible, given me the confidence and proof that anything is possible if we just try and put in the work. Hopefully we can work together down the road and beat MS for all of us with or affected by it. Anything I can do for the MSFC, it's sponsors or for the cause of beating MS, please let me know, I'm in this fight to the final bell and beyond.

Thank You, HN 
Aurora, Co
MSFC Participant


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