The MSFC has been such a blessing to all of us! For me personally, I have gained strength and stability and am now walking confidently without my cane, walker, or having to be in my wheelchair! I am doing things that I thought were no longer possible. The MSFC has been such a Godsend for me, as well as everyone else in the Challenge. We all have improved SO much and will be forever grateful for Dave and Kendra’s passion to start the charity and continue working to fund it for each MSFC. We are also so thankful for our amazing trainers who have given of themselves so much to teach us how to move again and strengthen our muscles so that it is now something that is possible for us! We are also thankful for our new home – OptimalBody Fitness! No matter how we are feeling, we still want to come to the gym because we know that no one there will give up on us. That, in turn, gives us the strength to not give up on ourselves either!

Dave, Kendra, and all of you wonderful trainers, you have had such an incredible impact on our lives and we will be forever grateful! We love you all!

Michele Toumanian
2016 MSFC participant


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