Tonya Thompson

MS Fitness Challenge has changed my LIFE - I stress LIFE because I didn't have much of one before MSFC. I was, honestly, just barely getting by day by day with a poor diet, in bed, not driving, and basically super sad.

My list of CANS and WINS is growing every day:
• I have so much more energy!
• I'm happier and the entire family is noticing and enjoying that part.
• I played in the leaves with my daughter the other day.
• I drove yesterday (a little slower than most but I did it!).
• When a friend told me that she went ice skating. Instead of being down that my body couldn't my internal dialogue was: "I cannot wait until I'm doing that?!"
• Some days I actually have a good memory!
• I went on a business trip with my husband and we walked a bit through the city - this would have never happened before MSFC!
• My balance is greatly improved - I haven't tripped or fallen in weeks.
• As silly as this may sound...I swept the house (ok it took an hour but I did it)!
• My rowing time is now TWO MINUTES FASTER! TWO!

Thank you Dave and Kendra for catching me when I was falling. I'm not consumed by this anymore. I have MS, yes..but I also have hope!

Tonya Thompson
San Diego, CA


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