Tara Dinndorf

“Today is my final training day and my final weigh in for the MS Fitness Challenge. I have to say it has been quite the journey. I have lost almost 10lbs and over 3% body fat. I couldn’t be happier. I want to thank my trainer Cat for kicking my butt! She has shown me a lot of new things I had never done before. I have lifted weights in the past but some of the exercises she has shown me have not only been very rewarding, they have been fun. I have to say that I had never flipped a tractor tire until she worked that into one of my training days. It was awesome!

Thank you to the MS Fitness Challenge for opening my eyes and giving me the motivation to care about my body again. I am excited for what the future brings and look forward to continuing to get fit. I’ve been very happy with the changes in my body and know I couldn’t have done it without the help of my trainer. Thanks Cat!!!!” -Tara Dinndorf


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