Welcome Route 2 Fitness owner, Nick Holmes

In our effort to be able to help as many people with MS live a lifestyle of fitness, MSFC has partnered with our first location outside of the US with our expansion into the UK. Joining with Route 2 Fitness owner, Nick Holmes, who has MS himself, we are proud to be able to work hand [...]

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MSFC Moves to Boise

MSFC is proud to announce our move to Boise, Idaho. We are currently at Old Skool Iron, a gym with many champions and competitors, but ALL with huge hearts to help others achieve their goals no matter what obstacles they face.  You will get support, education and motivation training with our MSFC Trainers with Heart at the [...]

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David Lyons Endorses CON-CRĒT

CON-CRĒT® (pronounced like concrete) is a specially formulated Creatine HCL, which has been scientifically proven to be the best form of creatine to boost muscle recovery and mass. It is more bioavailable and soluble than other forms of creatine on the market, which means you can use less for superior results. Learn more at [...]

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How an MS diagnosis inspired these 5 people to get into the best shape of their lives

Multiple Sclerosis affects people in many ways. It can rob you of your mobility, cognitive function, sight, pretty much anything your brain controls. It is often a demeaning disease. That's why stories of people overcoming their obstacles are so inspiring. Check out this article on Yahoo Lifestyle about how five people took their diagnosis and [...]

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Multiple Sclerosis and Stress

One of the more prominent medical discoveries of the last few decades has been the realization of just how much stress affects the body, and this is especially true for MS patients, as stress exacerbates most MS symptoms. Nearly any MS patient you might talk to can tell you their own stories of how stress [...]

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Makeup Artist With MS Becomes Triathlete With MS Marets Journey to Fitness

As a former New Yorker now living in California, I love to hear about great things happening for people with multiple sclerosis in my old stomping grounds. Here’s a story that highlights the power of fitness that I think you’ll find inspiring and worth sharing. Maret Asaro’s first symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS) likely occurred [...]

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