David Lyons Becomes Partner at ASTRO-DURANCE

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David Lyons Becomes Partner at ASTRO-DURANCE

The founders of the MS Fitness Challenge continually search for new ways to improve the lives of those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis through fitness. Keeping your body moving is both the goal and the means of achieving it. Many of us struggle to stay fit when our bodies just don’t want to work.

ASTRO-DURANCE Bungee Systems combines a wonderful cardio workout with the assistance of a unique bungee system that provides low-impact support. Participants hang suspended on a bungee cord and use the springy support to either assist movement, or provide resistance, according to the workout or your trainer’s recommendation. This revolutionary workout is helping all types of people achieve their fitness goals.

Partnering with Patty Cummings

Seeing the immense benefit this system can provide to people with MS, MS Fitness Challenge is proud to support ASTRO-DURANCE, and our own David Lyons has now become a partner in the business.

Says David,

“It was an honor of a lifetime to receive the Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger. That day was a milestone in my journey with MS and bodybuilding. Milestones like this happen once if you are blessed enough. But through this battle I face in beating my disease I have been blessed many times over through my faith in God. My partnership with ASTRO-DURANCE is now a highlight that stands right next to the rest. I am honored to work with owner and creator Patty Cummings in her mission to help the world get fit with Total Body Bungee Systems and revolutionize physical training and rehab. This is the future of fitness and I am proud to be a part of it.

Bungee Studios ad

“As the founders of the MS Fitness Challenge worldwide charity to educate, train and motivate people with MS to live a lifestyle of fitness, it is important to give them tools to accomplish that goal. ASTRO-DURANCE Total Bungee Systems is at the top of that program. This system is helping people of all ages, fitness levels and physical limitations, and we stand with owner/creator Patty Cummings in her mission to change lives.” Kendra Lyons, RN

If you are interested in learning more about the revolutionary ASTRO-DURANCE Bungee Systems, contact us, or visit their site.

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