Dr. Ronald Girard BS DDS

||Dr. Ronald Girard BS DDS
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Dr. Ronald Girard BS DDS

Dr. Ronald Girard BS DDS

Dr. Girard began his career with the United States Army in the late 80s. He studied at the Academy of Health Sciences in Fort Sam Houston and completed training as a US Army Dental Specialist. He went on to the University of Buffalo to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery training and graduated with Thesis Honors for his research on diabetes and its effect on bone loss of jaw. Dr. Girard then went on to New York City where he continued his training with Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital. He quickly took on a leadership position serving his final year as Chief Resident.

Dr. Girard joined a private practice on Park Ave in Manhattan and he maintained teaching with attending positions at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, St Francis Hospital and North Shore University Hospital. He lectured extensively on the topics of cosmetic dentistry, dental medicine and oral implant surgery. He was invited to lecture an unprecedented 4 consecutive years at the Jacob Javits Center at the National Conference.

Dr. Girard now lives in the Atlanta, GA area and has authored many articles in magazines and newspaper to educate on the importance of oral health and general health.   He also holds a researcher position with New York University as well as editorial reviewer for the Journal, Academy of General Dentistry. He enjoys Mission Work in Haiti and South America and works closely with many community health programs.

After many years of practice Dr. Girard was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis.  He heard this diagnosis as a death sentence.  Shortly after the diagnosis he began to need one cane, then 2 canes and soon a wheel chair.  Dr. Girard became incontinent and his brain fog interfered with his speech so badly he had to retire from dental practice. He then fell into a deep depression as modern medicine could not help.  He could no longer even roll over in bed and was considering using a diaper.  Dr. Girard was on 9 different prescription medications and even with those continued to decline to the point breathing was becoming difficult.

Dealing with many years of pain and suffering he turned to lifestyle and nutrition changes as a way of management of the disease.  Following Paleo principles and the work of Dr. Terry Wahls he began to concentrate on learning about changing nutrition, exercise, and mental health.  Dr. Girard began to study Functional Medicine and became a Wahls Certified Health Coach. As he began to implement these changes the first thing he noticed is that he was able to speak again without slurring his speech.  He slowly began to be able rollover in bed.  He said he, “started to feel human again.”  He ended up stopping all medications and used his newfound path to conquering MS.

Even though his wife is as physical therapist, he was lacking some of the practical keys to winning the battle against MS and sought the guidance of David Lyons, founder of the MS Fitness Challenge. Dr. Girard is a leader in nutrition for MS but the missing link was how to apply exercise properly to his battle. “David’s expertise with Multiple Sclerosis and neuro rehab continue to change my life,” said Dr. Girard.  They have now joined forces to bring the most comprehensive information of mindset, exercise and nutrition to the worldwide MS community.

Dr. Girard says, “Now every day is a new day.  It is filled with hope and recovery I never imagined possible.”


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